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“My work life has flourished!”


My experience has been affirming and inspiring.  Michael has the ability to listen deeply, not just with his ears, but with his heart.  In the eight months or so of my work with him, I feel that he has come to truly know me.  He is authentically loving and accepting, yet he also gently pushes me to grow.  He has a way of intuitively tuning into what I say, and seems to know when my words are resonant with my higher self.  If he senses some disharmony, he is able to point it out in a non-confrontational and loving way.

The process of working with him has helped me to come into myself and my life in a deeper way.  With Michael's support, I have become more strongly rooted in my true Self, and because of this, my relationships have become more authentic, and my work life has flourished.  I would strongly recommend his coaching services to anyone, at any stage of their life.

Melita Silberstein