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What’s Your Smallville?Conventional wisdom calls it the comfort zone. But let’s face it. It’s not comfortable. It’s a place where you settle. It’s a land of familiarity – familiar thoughts, feelings, actions and self-imposed limits. It’s signposts are fear, survival, discouragement, dissatisfaction and even despair and depression. I call this familiar place Smallville. Because it’s SMALL, so much smaller than the life you want to live! To remind you Superman grew up in Smallville. While he was growing up his parents told him. Hide your powers. If people know, you won’t fit in. People won’t understand you. They won’t accept you. They will fear you. You will be a target. You will be ostracized. So, stay here in Smallville where it’s SAFE. For each of us, we create our own version of Smallville. What’s yours? Are you fitting in instead of standing out? Are you withholding your gifts or power? Are you not making the money you need to sustain yourself? Do you let your internal arch nemesis, the part that says your not good enough, run the show? What are the consequences for living your Smallville? Do you have that sneaking suspicion that you are not living the life you are meant to live? Do you feel like you are settling for less than what’s possible? What’s the world being cheated out of by your living in Smallville? Even if you have stepped into your authentic life you can still be in Smallville. One of my clients said, “My Smallville looks […]
Lifetime HighlightAs a member of my community I’d like to share a something personal. It’s not about building your business. I want to share a lifetime highlight moment. In 1993 the girl I followed to California, who eventually became my wife, took me to this cool Synagogue. I was raised Jewish but in a way that wasn’t very inspiring and certainly didn’t match my current progressive political values. Julie and I have now been involved in that delicious community for over twenty years. Over the last year our daughter, Eliana, has been engaged in preparing for her Bat Mitzvah, the Jewish coming of age ceremony. In our community it is designed to be a truly transformational experience. Eliana worked hard all year engaging with different aspects of the religion and spirituality and making her own meaning of it all. On the day of her Bat Mitzvah while co-leading the service she gave a teaching to the over 200 family, friends and community on the emotions sadness and anger. She asked us to become aware of whether or not we are actually sad or hurt when our habit is act out in anger. It was quite profound. Here’s where I was surprised. I thought the day would be about being proud of my daughter. And I was SUPER proud of her. She knocked it out of the park. She was present, engaged, had fun and showed up as a leader. However, something I was not expecting happened. I had my own, very […]

Trust and Confidence!


Michael not only holds a spotlight on the magnificence we hold inside that is our superpowers. He creates the space for us to give ourselves permission to claim them, own them, and really bring them out in the world as it was always intended.  He supports people to trust themselves to use them for good, and understand their responsibility to bring them out into the light of day.

What a wonderful place the world will be as everyone has choice to be who they will look up to and model in each moment. And how cool, when they need it most, they can look inside and find their number one superhero is never more than a heartbeat away.