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Latest from the Blog

I’m Back From The Fortress of SolitudeHappy Summer! What I’m now calling last month’s “ocean adventure” has given me lots to chew on. If you missed it you can catch up here. Let’s start with the good news. The wonderful Irish family is back home safe and sou […]
Hero, Who Me? (Very Personal)Be careful what you name your business. The universe just might test you!Recent events have forced me to inquire more deeply what it means to be a hero. The short version is that last week, while at the beach in Big Sur, I saved a family of four from […]

“I’m having more fun and getting better results!”


I was looking for help growing my chiropractic practice and rekindling my enthusiasm for my work. I have experienced a resurgence of the passion and enjoyment that brought me to my work and as a result have been having more fun and getting better results with my patients.

I think Michael is particularly skilled at summarizing vast areas of knowledge to make them more understandable and digestible so they can be put to use in everyday life.

Jay Bunker D.C.