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Let’s Get Clear On HumilityAlmost every day one of my clients says something like. “I don’t want my ego to get too big.” Or “I don’t want to seem too full of myself.” I know that this is a response to having heard things like. “DonR […]
Oh No, Not That!About year ago my coach asked me, “So, what are you doing with clients these days?” I got a little shy and kind of whispered, “I’m doing something I’m calling superpower work. I help people identify their superpowers. […]

“My Business Has Doubled!”


Coaching with Michael helped me to get past the places where I felt resigned with my business and wanted to give up and got me connected with the value I have to bring to my clients. From that point, it was so easy to get into action. His coaching has stayed with me for months after we worked together and when I start to get discouraged or resigned, I am aware and able to get back into action. I don't get stopped anymore!

My business has doubled since our coaching together!

Sheryl Dvorin, Business Coach
Breakthrough Coaching