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I decided to work with Michael because like many solo-preneurs my business was not thriving. I knew I had a great product (me!) but had very little or no business acumen. Working solo, I felt isolated and fearful of making the wrong decisions.

I am not afraid of hard work and thought I just needed some loose accountability and some hand holding to get me focused and to the 'next level.'

Of course that was just the tip of the iceberg.

For me, one of the biggest breakthroughs was knowing that every small business has the same challenges. I wasn't doing something 'wrong' per se or not selling a 'good' enough product. And at the end of the day ACTION CREATES RESULTS. This is my daily mantra. You have to consistently take your self out of your confront zone...but each time you do, that muscle gets strengthened and it gets easier with each endeavor.

After 10 months of coaching I am shooting more than ever and my business is well...still in business. I understand now that self employment is a marathon, with many hurdles, and to be patient with the process. Investing in my business is akin to investing in myself.


I feel like I was equipped with and practiced many skills to help me moving forward in my business especially when old thought processes and/or self sabotaging goblins come to visit!

Thanks Michael!

Kelly Marshall, Paris/San Francisco
Freelance Commercial Photographer