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The Cure for Not EnoughnessNot enoughness is a disease that squashes dreams, suppresses greatness and erodes fulfillment. It’s that voice in your head that has you convinced that you are not (choose one or more)…smart, committed, talented, powerful, confident, skil […]
Let’s Get Clear On HumilityAlmost every day one of my clients says something like. “I don’t want my ego to get too big.” Or “I don’t want to seem too full of myself.” I know that this is a response to having heard things like. “DonR […]

“Clear business vision, right direction!”


When I met Michael, I knew I had met a Balanced Man.  A guy with intelligence and wit, combined with compassion and intuition. He's one step ahead of me on the mountain, and always reaches a hand back with respect and inner strength.

He's quickly become both a friend and a mentor.  A teammate and a leader, his clarity, insight and knowledge has guided me through some tough challenges, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

My personal vision is clearer, my business is going in the right direction, and I know authentic guidance is there when I need it.

Thanks, Michael!

Tommy "The Chatter Relaxer" Stoffel