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“One of the most important spiritual and professional changes in my life.”


My greatest struggle before connecting and working with Michael was the deep-seeded knowing that I was not achieving the level of success and satisfaction, financially and professionally, that my talents and gifts merited. There was a huge disparity between the level of service I was providing and how little I was being compensated. I was miserably struggling to "just get by," devaluing my services as a way to try to stay in business. It was a demoralizing model and it eroded my courage, my energy and my emotion, creating a standard of helplessness.

Connecting and working with Michael is one of the most important spiritual and professional changes in my life. My greatest breakthroughs in working with Michael have and continue to be shattering old models of spiritual pauperism, or what I call metaphysical martyrdom, in dynamic ways. Michael is providing the support of incredibly valuable, timely and constructive concepts, steps and information.

His presence gives me permission to move out of the old lifetimes of guilt-laden standards of "giving the gift away for free." And to have the courage to value my gifts and services in light of what I provide for my clients -- and charge for my services accordingly, without excuse or apology.

Consistent training in this space is helping me create valuable client flow and cash flow. It's inspiring me to provide greater service for my clients and make money doing it! Who knew that spiritual breakthroughs could come with financial breakthroughs!

Thanks Michael!


Dana Stovern