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Latest from the Blog

The Only Way Out is ThroughI wrote this on the flip chart during last week’s Superhero Intensive. This quote is attributed to the Robert Frost poem A Servant To Servants, “He says the best way out is always through. And I agree to that, or in so far As that I can see no way out but through.” The only way out is trough has become a core teaching in the transformation world. In the twenty-five years I’ve been on my personal growth path my therapists, teachers, coaches have pointed to it again and again. I have to admit I didn’t get it for a long time. But eventually it not only made sense it became a huge relief. Instead of avoiding, hiding, ignoring, diminishing, repressing or distracting myself from what was uncomfortable I could face it. In the process I learned that I had the courage and capacity. When I learned to embrace this teaching I found something that should be added, Everything you truly want is in the through… joy, love, connection, contentment, power, ecstasy, it’s all in there. There are corollaries to the main teaching. “What you resist, persists.” and “What you run from runs you.” You’ve experienced this. If you are resist being angry you remain angry. If you continue repress anger over time it becomes depression. If you have a need to be right you set up your life not to be wrong. Not only do you miss all the real goodies you get from being wrong. You also lose […]
I Wish This For YouThis year has been profound for me. I’ve created and implemented something that is way beyond what I imagined was possible. I’ve had what a friend called a quantum breakthrough. And I truly wish for you to have your version of this experience. I know that it is possible because if I’ve gotten here so can you. I relate this story so that you can see one way this all unfolds… There was a part of me that thought it was a fluke. Sure it was great, even extraordinary, but maybe I can’t replicate it. Maybe the stars were aligned. Maybe it was the right group of people. Maybe I got lucky? That’s what I was thinking a few weeks ago as I prepared for The Superhero Intensive. This past summer I finally took the risk to do what I’ve been wanting to do for years. I wanted to facilitate a three-day workshop using my own material and do it 100% MY way. Superhero Summer Camp ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not only that, the participants said that it was one of the most profound, amazing and impactful experiences of their lives as well! I had the personal and very real experience of what I’d been teaching and coaching on faith… When you express your greatest gifts, aligned with your deepest values in service of people who need and what what you have to offer – MAGIC HAPPENS! But then, there I was […]

“I’m having more fun and getting better results!”


I was looking for help growing my chiropractic practice and rekindling my enthusiasm for my work. I have experienced a resurgence of the passion and enjoyment that brought me to my work and as a result have been having more fun and getting better results with my patients.

I think Michael is particularly skilled at summarizing vast areas of knowledge to make them more understandable and digestible so they can be put to use in everyday life.

Jay Bunker D.C.