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Let’s Get Clear On HumilityAlmost every day one of my clients says something like. “I don’t want my ego to get too big.” Or “I don’t want to seem too full of myself.” I know that this is a response to having heard things like. “DonR […]
Oh No, Not That!About year ago my coach asked me, “So, what are you doing with clients these days?” I got a little shy and kind of whispered, “I’m doing something I’m calling superpower work. I help people identify their superpowers. […]

“From Brand Blah to Brand Compelling”


Before working with Michael, I had just had a blah brand that no one understood what I did and I didn’t know how to express what made me unique and I kept using words that everyone else was using in my marketing and descriptions, but didn’t know how to change that.

Michael is truly a magician in just one session he helped me create not only my marketing message, but also my profitable and compelling brand and the exact steps to attract more clients.

It is like he can see through you to your soul, really to the innermost core of your being and identifies your uniqueness and the Million Dollar Me™ potential. It’s incredible.

When all of my doubts came up he saw exactly the emotional blockage I was experiencing as a spiritual entrepreneur, called me on it and helped me to overcome it, all within just a few minutes of discussion. Right after our conversation, I was able to book 5 private strategy sessions that same day.  I can’t thank you enough for your genius Michael. Knowing you and working with you is truly a blessing. Thank you with all of my heart.


Tracy Tobler