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Latest from the Blog

Your Deepest Fear“It’s easier to say, ‘I’m a piece of garbage’ than ‘I am magnificent.” The Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield spoke these words to myself and a crowd of 3000 people last weekend at Wisdom 2.0 during his talk Exploring the Shadow. Much of the talk focused what we call “the dark shadow,” anger, rage, self-loathing and shame. We are all familiar with how these parts of our consciousness hold us back. Then he said, “People more vigorously resist our positive attributes than our negative. It is harder to embrace our light shadow than our dark.” That’s messed up, right? And this struck me as the absolute core of my work. I support you to fully embrace the light and power that is naturally yours that has been diminished or dismissed. And the work isn’t as easy as it sounds. You are up against every time someone has said, “Don’t get too big for your britches!” or “Who do you think you are?” Every time you stood out, but got slapped down, ignored, or even punished for being yourself. You are up against all the ways you have hidden your light in order to stay safe. You’ve probably been in therapy and done a bunch of workshops. You’ve gotten somewhat comfortable with the stories of your life that were hard; the abuse, the depression, the anxiety, the fear, the worry, the anger, the rage and the places you feel like you made mistakes and failed. This is an important part of the […]
The Only Way Out is ThroughI wrote this on the flip chart during last week’s Superhero Intensive. This quote is attributed to the Robert Frost poem A Servant To Servants, “He says the best way out is always through. And I agree to that, or in so far As that I can see no way out but through.” The only way out is trough has become a core teaching in the transformation world. In the twenty-five years I’ve been on my personal growth path my therapists, teachers, coaches have pointed to it again and again. I have to admit I didn’t get it for a long time. But eventually it not only made sense it became a huge relief. Instead of avoiding, hiding, ignoring, diminishing, repressing or distracting myself from what was uncomfortable I could face it. In the process I learned that I had the courage and capacity. When I learned to embrace this teaching I found something that should be added, Everything you truly want is in the through… joy, love, connection, contentment, power, ecstasy, it’s all in there. There are corollaries to the main teaching. “What you resist, persists.” and “What you run from runs you.” You’ve experienced this. If you are resist being angry you remain angry. If you continue repress anger over time it becomes depression. If you have a need to be right you set up your life not to be wrong. Not only do you miss all the real goodies you get from being wrong. You also lose […]

Trust and Confidence!


Michael not only holds a spotlight on the magnificence we hold inside that is our superpowers. He creates the space for us to give ourselves permission to claim them, own them, and really bring them out in the world as it was always intended.  He supports people to trust themselves to use them for good, and understand their responsibility to bring them out into the light of day.

What a wonderful place the world will be as everyone has choice to be who they will look up to and model in each moment. And how cool, when they need it most, they can look inside and find their number one superhero is never more than a heartbeat away.