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Author Elizabeth Gilbert On SuperpowersI’ve been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert also author of Eat, Pray, Love and I got a sweet surprise, she writes about Superpowers! In describing meeting the award winning author Ann Pachett, she says “I was instantly intrigued by Ann, not only because I’ve always admired her work, but because she is a rather remarkable presence in person. Ann has a preternatural ability to render herself very small – nearly invisible – in order to better observe the world around her in safe anonymity, so that she can write about it, unnoticed. In other words her superpower is to conceal her superpowers. “I was like, “Elizabeth gets it! She knows exactly what I mean by Superpowers.” She gets that they are real and that they are the unique abilities we have that others find miraculous. And she gets that this particular Superpower is part of what makes Pachett brilliant as a writer. She gets that writing is the modality and that this Superpower is one of the gifts that make her brilliant as a writer. This is true for all of us… Your modality is not your Superpower. It is your Superpowers that make you brilliant at your modality. Specifically, Gilbert is describing what I call a Presence Superpower. Presence is an overlooked power. We rarely acknowledge the impact we have or others have on us just through our presence, when we’re not actually doing anything, when are “just” being. But, we all have presence. Our presence has an […]
Your Deepest Fear“It’s easier to say, ‘I’m a piece of garbage’ than ‘I am magnificent.” The Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield spoke these words to myself and a crowd of 3000 people last weekend at Wisdom 2.0 during his talk Exploring the Shadow. Much of the talk focused what we call “the dark shadow,” anger, rage, self-loathing and shame. We are all familiar with how these parts of our consciousness hold us back. Then he said, “People more vigorously resist our positive attributes than our negative. It is harder to embrace our light shadow than our dark.” That’s messed up, right? And this struck me as the absolute core of my work. I support you to fully embrace the light and power that is naturally yours that has been diminished or dismissed. And the work isn’t as easy as it sounds. You are up against every time someone has said, “Don’t get too big for your britches!” or “Who do you think you are?” Every time you stood out, but got slapped down, ignored, or even punished for being yourself. You are up against all the ways you have hidden your light in order to stay safe. You’ve probably been in therapy and done a bunch of workshops. You’ve gotten somewhat comfortable with the stories of your life that were hard; the abuse, the depression, the anxiety, the fear, the worry, the anger, the rage and the places you feel like you made mistakes and failed. This is an important part of the […]

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I work with Michael because I trust him to tell the truth, to take me to the edge, and to make it uncomfortable if he has to. Michael doesn't tolerate "good enough," but believes in big change for his clients. He helps me see past my blind spots and into a future when I am living more fully the whole of who I am.

Laurie Wagner
Writing Coach